Child Protection Project

Part of fulfilling AJISO’s duty towards enhancing justice in society during the month of June
included a feedback meeting of the Child Protection Project at Kivule ward in Ilala, Dar es
Salaam and Mwanga, Moshi with different stakeholders and the support of PROBONO School
Partnership for One World . The project holds prominent aims such as increasing community
participation to promote the best welfare for children through educating the community,
providing counseling, writing reports and so on. It carries a great level of significance based on the
fact that women and children compile the most vulnerable groups in contemporary society.

The stakeholders participating in the meeting included the district commissioner Hon. Sophia
Mjema as the guest o f honour, AJISO’s executive director presenting the project, Ms. Virginia
Silayo, Kivule ward’s secretary of the NPA VAWC committee Ms. Anna Massawe who read the
reports of activities conducted by the committee and PROBONO who shared their views on the

The meeting concluded with positive outcomes such as the fact that the guest of honor promised to provide self defense training as a contributing factor for strengthening protection of women and
children in the district. On the same note, she also p romised an effort to ban public display
of common weaponry such as machetes, which hold possibilities of leading to violent
acts. Needless to say, the guest of honor had a great hand in contributing to bettering the
community. Her role was further extended by her stance of eliminating impunity in the
matter of FGM through a request for communal support of reports for such

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