Enhance Social-economic

AJISO has a project titled Enhance socio-economic justice amongst women and disabled community members of Usseri and Tarakea Division in Rombo District in Kilimanjaro funded by an organization from German known as Bread for the World.in the picture are representatives from Bread for the World Miss Elke Preissler and Miss Eva.

They visited AJISO main Offices and met with the staff and then went to Rombo to meet with the beneficiaries of the projects who are mainly Paralegals and persons living with disabilities. These group shared their success and challenges they face in the community also their appreciation for what AJISO has done with the support of Bread for the World organization.


Moyo International donor from German, Miss Vivian Unterweger

Miss  Vivian Unterweger a donor from Moyo International organization support four women groups  with the aim of empowering them economically in some  divisions of Rombo districts namely Mashati ,Mkuu and Mengwe .Through the help of Ajiso.Miss Vivian has been able to support 105women to know their rights and to improve their well being.




In May 2017 AJISO visited UZIKWASA a non- government organization located in Pangani Tanga for two days experience sharing together with another organization called ELCT- MERU from Arusha who works in the same thematic area.

The visit entailed a round table discussion where each organization shared techniques, challenges and success they face in their projects and also there was a field visit to one of the villages where the project is conducted and met with the beneficiaries of the project.

All in all the entire visit was very beneficial to AJISO in learning from fellow NGOs how to improve the means of raising awareness to the society regarding the problems they face by making sure that they realise that their traditions and customs are the problems and adopt better practices.