In our Organisation we provide legal aid on a daily basis to clients that approach us with various issues such as Land issues, probate, marriage, child maintenance, labour and gender based violence. We also work closely with 101 paralegals in providing Legal aid services in Rombo District

Three years ago we had a project of enhancing Paralegal practice to social justice in Rombo district. Through the project paralegals groups were formulated in five districts of Rombo that is Mkuu, Mengwe, Mashati, Usseri and Tarakea. paralegals were chosen from each village ensuring representation of the same. Paralegals got
trainings throughout the project period on various laws and how to offer services to the community.
The paralegals have been working with the community closely through the provision of Legal Aid services resulting in identification of various problems such as land issues, marriage, children maintenance, probate, Gender Based Violence, rape and labor issues. Paralegal involvement has contributed to solving the cases within the community members amicably hence a good relationships is maintained. Also the number of cases taken to court has decreased due to the Paralegals work.

The paralegals cooperate with the government at the lower level that is the Village and ward Executive Officers, the police and Gender desk, the social welfare office, courts and Religious institutions such as the church.
With the help of the Organization, Rombo Paralegal Organisation (ROPAO) has been formed. Therefore paralegals have their own organization through which they regulate their own activities.
We also provide legal education on Human rights and other laws through seminar, training and a live Radio programme aired on Wednesdays at Kili fm radio station.

The below pictures shows Ajiso Legal officer Miss Anjelina Salewa and winnie providing legal education to the existing Vicoba Groups.

The below picture shows Miss Winnie Shirima discussing with the Tarakea and Usseri Paralegals about the Achievements and challenges faced during the implementation of their legal Aid services to the Community in Rombo.