Under this we formulate Village Community Banks (VICOBA) comprising of 30 Members each and provide them with entrepreneurship education and skills to enable them to enhance their living status. In these groups we encourage them to start small businesses and other income earning activities which will enable them to have money for buying shares from VICOBA and at the end to be able to take loans for capital expansion in their economic activities. So far we have 18 VICOBA groups making a total of 480 members in five divisions of Rombo District i.e. Tarakea, Usseri, Mashati, Mkuu and Mengwe. Apart from providing them with Entrepreneurship skills, we also teach them various laws through our legal officers and paralegals to widen their understanding of what is entitled to them as citizens.

In the pictures above is a training done to the VICOBA members to impart them with entrepreneurship skills  so that they can start small businesses and other income earning activities to improve their economic situation.

In the pictures above it shows some of group members listening to Miss Vivian from Moyo International organization thanking  them for their contribution of school equipment that given to twenty school children as part of group project namely thanks giving.

Iam happy now i have been able to buy my motorcycle that i use it as bodaboda through the loan i got from my group said Miss theresia tarimo from Mkuu Vicoba group

Before i had a dream of having my own car but i didn’t know how i can fulfill my dream until the moment i joined Vicoba group through Ajiso and was able to take a loan that i used to cultivate potatoes which gave me a lot of benefits that i used it to buy my own car said Miss Domina a group member from Tarakea.

As an organization we encourage members of Vicoba to start their own projects,as well as group projects that  include pigs project,chicken project as shown in the pictures above

Its time for our group members to seek market for their products they produce, hence the organization provided them with a chance to go for Nane Nane exhibition in Arusha to see what other small entrepreneurs or groups  produce and how they get market for their products

Ajiso provide entrepreneurship training,leadership training to group members so as to add value in what they produce as seen in the picture in the left side is a training on leadership facilitated by Mrs Mwingira from KIVINET,in the right side is a training on entrepreneurship facilitated by Mr.Alex Masenene from SIDO.

Some of group representatives from different VICOBA groups during an economic forum that was conducted to show case their products