1. Improving participation of women and vulnerable groups in local governance.

  • AJISO sensitize women to participate in decision that affect their wellbeing at community level.
  • AJISO promote 50/50 participation in the policy levels
  • AJISO raise awareness to community on women’s rights to participation in local governance
  • AJISO provides civic education to influential women, female ward councilors and local government leaders

2. Advocating for better policies, practices, and laws that prevent gender-based violence.

  • AJISO conduct local male campaign on attitude towards domestic violence
  • AJISO promote bylaws that protect women against domestic violence
  • AJISO facilitate advocacy campaigns on review of discriminatory laws against women at community laws
  • AJISO collaborate and network with different organizations nationally and internationally in advocating for women`s rights

3. Socio-economic status of marginalized women and men in Kilimanjaro region improved
Therefore AJISO has;

  • Establish and strengthen good working relations with finance and microfinance institutions
  • Build good working relation with business development service providers
  • Strengthen existing AJISO women economic groups.
  • Build good working relations with Vocational Training Institutes and District Council particularly Educational Departments

5. Organization capacity and sustainability strengthened
Therefore AJISO has;

  • Build capacity to staffs, management and board members.
  • Strengthen working relationship with other stakeholders/ likeminded organization.
  • Establish organization fundraising committee
  • Insert/ formulate organization policy that ensures effective individual/group contribution to the organization.